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This is a MUST for any avaition enthusiast. My wife gave me an hour ride and I went on Feb 12th. What a great ride! Mike is a great pilot. This was a dream come true. Best part was playing photo op with the Goodyear blimp which was also flying. If you love antique aircraft and "the sound of round" you have to do this. Thanks Mike and the Crew! Jeff Nichol
Posted By: Jeff Nichol
Just went this weekend. Took the aerobatic flight version. It was sooooooo much fun (any more would be illegal) to see Palos Verdes upside down! If you love roller coasters this is worth every penny. I want to do it again but I was so excited when I came down my wife and kids want to go before I go again. Mike thanks for a great flight, I did not want it to end! Bob Kent Chatsworth, CA
Posted By: Bob Kent
It was wonderful. A year ago I purchased a flight for my husband. Then this year he gave me one for my birthday. Our close friends also did the same. So the two guys did theres on the same day and us girls did ours. It was really great. Tom and Joyce Rumsey our friends Earl and Edith Short
Posted By: Tom and Joyce Rumsey
Just flew today with Mike their pilot/CFI. Great experience. Everything I thought it would be and more. Mike is an excellent pilot and great tour guide of the area. He also took me to my limits and it was fun. The Stearman is emaculate and is wonderful to fly in. I would like to do it again sometime. Thanks Mike and to your ground crew. Gordon Jenewein.
Posted By: Gordon Jenewein
My sincere thanks to Mike(their pilot) for a great flight and ride of acrobatics over the Pacific Ocean. I enjoyed the Flight and Experience which is undescribeable in words the feeling which I felt. Thanks agin to my Wife Cindy for a Birthday June 6th. I will never forget. Thanks again Mike!!!!! Robert Vasquez Long Beach, CA
Posted By: Robert Vasquez
We had alot of fun it is the BEST way to see Long Beach!! Mike, thank you "I'LL BE BACK!!" Hannah Lodge Steeleville, IL
Posted By: Hannah Lodge
Imagine the best. Add 50%...and it is still even better. Excellent pilot, tremendous plane, perfect location. What more can you ask for? Eric Gallet from Vincednnes, France.
Posted By: Eric Gallet
A fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning. Long Beach and Palos Veres are beautiful at 1000ft. Trevor Galvin from Tujunga,Calif.
Posted By: Trevor Galvin
A Classic plane. Great Trip.
Paul Flint from Peterborough, England.
Posted By: Paul Flint
The Stearman "Adventure" is an understatement. This is an e-ticket ride to the MAX. By far, a real blast. The moment I got off the plane, I started planning my next flight. My recommendation--- DO IT!
Posted By: John Kinson
Followed a link from AOPA's website...this company is providing the winners of AOPA's monthly contest with bi-plane rides.....Now I know what I want for Christmas!...and my birthday!....and Valentines Day!....and Thankgiving!....and.....!!!! Nuthin' is closer to flyin' like a bird than slow, open-cockpit, aerobatic flying!! The only wings more thrilling to try out than the Waco's or Stearman's will be my ANGEL WINGS in HEAVEN! :-D Michael B., Las Vegas, NV
Posted By: Michael B.
That was the most incredible experience of my life. By far the best birthday gift ever. Thank you
Nicole Schaffer of Northridge.
Posted By: Nicole Schaffer
That was an absolute blast. A great way to see Long Beach & the ports.
Thank You, Gina Caywood and Chad Cross of Long Beach, CA
Posted By: Gina Caywood and Chad Cross
I had a fantastic time enjoying the open-cockpit and aerobatics tricks. Thank you so much Mike and Kendle.

Tiffany Horton of Long Beach
Posted By: Tiffany Horton
Beautiful ride just like "Out of Africa" Highly recommend it. Very smooth and the scenery was great.
Randy Zarn of Long Beach, CA
Posted By: Randy Zarn
Thank you for the peaceful, exciting, wonderful ride down the coast. We both enjoyed it very much. Great take off and very, very smooth landing!
Linda and Leon Frewin
Los Alamitos, CA
Posted By: Linda and Leon Frewin
Posted By: Tim Barnes
I flew with you on May 25. What a blast from the Past!!!! I`LL BE BACK. Dave.
Posted By: Dave
Fantastic -nice and easy. A treat to remember for a lifetime.
Steve and Diane McCoy of Long Beach, CA
Posted By: Steve and Diane McCoy
I have always been interested in Bi-planes--My life long dream to fly in a Stearman has happened thanks to Biplane and Mike Hanson their pilot. What a beautiful day.
Thank you so much!
Jenny Valov
Posted By: Jenny Valov